How is your son according to his way of sitting

Shy, outgoing? Does it cost to speak in public? … Many children begin to form their personality very soon, and the gestures and tics that they have and do without wanting to give them away. The same as to a shy child It will be difficult for him to keep his eyes on another person, an extrovert, he will show much more ‘impudence’ when interacting with the rest.

Our body speaks, so we just have to learn to observe. For example, we can see many things in the way we sit. Watch this fun test: we tell you what your son is according to his way of sitting.

The test that tells you how your child is according to his way of sitting

The test that tells how your child is according to his way of sitting

Take a good look at these images … Do you see any of your identified children? Or do you see yourself identified? (Remember that this test also works for adults).

It is true that we change positions many times, but there is always one that we usually use more often , above all, if there are more people in front. Imagine you are in a meeting: what position would you adopt? Or focused on your son, who is at home of some friends yours and you must be sitting. How would I do it ?: with legs crossed, straight, outward or inward? … Once you find the answer, look for the meaning here:

Posture A (With the legs inwards or apart): The legs are very far apart or rather, the knees are very far apart (the legs may tend towards the inside), denotes lack of concentration or problems to maintain attention for a while. It is typical of more active children, somewhat nervous and maybe something ‘unruly’. This does not mean they have problems at school. Moreover, they can be very smart and creative children, but with problems to organize their excited thoughts. Maybe they are so many that they can not control them! In adults, it is also indicative of people seeking comfort.

Posture B great creativity and a strong imagination that sometimes makes others see him as someone ‘different’.

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