Phrase game to improve children’s school performance

At the beginning of the school year, children are exposed to a lot of information, new concepts and great challenges. You have to understand that each child has his process and that, as some will advance without any problem, there may be others who block more easily and have difficulties to overcome some obstacles to pass certain subjects. How to react in those cases? As parents, what can we do to improve the school performance of the kids ? Let’s play!

Improve the school performance of children with this game

phrases chart to improve children's school performance

In all this process of effort and motivation of the kids, Language plays a very important role. It is not the same to exclaim “This is very hard!” To comment “Can I work harder?” Or say “Step! I do not know how to do it! “That” I’m going to ask for help! ”

They are small, but powerful turns that we can go little by little introducing in the vocabulary of our children through “The game of phrases” and that will be of great help to face one of the great challenges: approve the school year.

We have to make children understand that learning is very linked to effort and commitment , but we also have to be present, offer our support and not be constantly judging them, because that can only affect their self esteem .

Listen, support and motivate are three verbs that we must have activated in our head. The children, meanwhile, should be attentive to the classes, ask for help when they need it and take responsibility and organize with their homework or homework Nothing of “Mom, I do not know what duties there are for today. Questions in the WhatsApp group from college?”. They must know what is touching each day.

But this method It can be used at any age and in any area of ​​life. You, as a father, can have it at hand in your work to continue advancing and developing. If, together, you start to change the chip from now on and incorporate the “No” for the “Yes” or the “I surrender” for “I can” you will see everything from a more positive point of view and there will be nothing to stop you from get what you propose.

A lesson that can take time to have its effects or consequences, but if we work with constancy can give us great joys, and that what you say to yourself can be essential to unbalance the balance to one side or towards another.

Advantages of using positive language in children

Words are the creators of our present, but also of our future. It depends on us to be positive or negative. Through them, we forge our personality, relate to others, dream and allow us to see the world from one perspective or another.

How do we want to see life: from a positive or negative point of view? Depending on what we choose, this is how these words should be. What we want to be today, tomorrow, within a month or in the next ten years will depend on them.

Using negative words causes our brain to be compressed, blocked and not let us see beyond. The positive, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages:

– It brings speed.

– Allows you to be more concentrated.

– Energizes.

– Help to Develop creativity.

– It makes you smarter.

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