Types of mothers who will meet you at the door of the school

He beginning of the school stage of a child brings many changes and novelties. Among others, assume that from that moment, like it or not, we will have to interact with moms and dads at school of our little boy’s classmates. It can be a tricky situation, because if every child is a world, their parents are already a universe.

In the first days of the return to school arrive a mountain of routines: prepare the backpack, lunch, drive to school … Pff! And the icing on the cake, if you’re a new mother in these tasks, you should also know the rest of the moms and dads at the school door for which you should prepare. Keep reading and we will help you identify the different tribes that you will find. These are the 6 types of mother that you will find at the door of the school. Luck!

The 6 types of mothers that you will meet at the door of the school

Types of mothers you will find at the doors of the school

1. The weeping mother: It does not matter if it’s your first child, the second or the fifth, the weeping mother can not help spilling and shedding tears. Better always carry some handkerchiefs in your wallet-purse and, if the first day you have it right next to you, an umbrella would not be bad either. They are moms who add phrases like: poor things, if they are very small! What a pity to leave them there alone! These mothers must forget that they accompany their offspring to school, not to war and that instead of being alone, they will be surrounded by little people with whom they can play. Cheer up!

2. The mother chauffeur: This mom is always in a hurry taking the kids from one place to another. It’s the typical one you can hear shouting from the car: “Heaven, have a nice day. Then I pick you up. ” There are chauffeur-driven moms, since family conciliation is far from being a reality and the rush, stress and having to go to the race to get to work can almost invite our children to get out of the car even on going. But there are also chauffeur moms for pleasure. They are those that fill the daily agendas of the little ones with a host of activities and, of course, his most heard phrases are: “I take him … and then I pick him up quickly to take him to … because if not the poor man does not have time to do basketball, English, swimming, creative cooking …”.

3. The photographer mother: Say whiskey! The photographer mom always has the camera or the mobile ready for any occasion, lest she miss the smile of her baby’s day. Imagine the first day of class: picture on the door, picture with the friends, photo with the teacher, photo hanging the backpack … How many flashes! The argument of these moms is that they do it (as if they do not want to) so that their offspring tomorrow will have and can see their memories. Of course, if one day you start to review these memories, you’ll miss the present.

4. The mother ‘teacher’s right hand’: At the same time you enter the classroom you will recognize it. This mom is going to be tied to the teacher to see if she needs something, if it can be useful, if they need sheets or cards … But possibly behind this attentive woman, is a mother who wants to stay as long as she can in the classroom with the children. You will also recognize her because she will be the teacher’s speaker in the whatsapp group to remind us what we forgot to take, delivery dates or how we organize the birthdays of our offspring or the Christmas or end of course gift of the teacher.

5. The defeated mother: Large family? Undoubtedly, you are from this tribe of moms. She has many children, one in each class and can not with all the first day of school. One for a classroom, another asks for water, another gets pissed, one’s lunch, the other’s backpack … can not take it anymore! They seem exhausted, but they are capable of directing a five-track circus.

6. The wise mother: It is the voice of experience. This mother already has children in school and knows EVERYTHING. They know how the teacher likes coffee, where you can buy the richest and healthiest of lunches and more. If you are lost, they are ideal, but if you prefer to dose the information and discover the adventure of the school for yourself and leave room for surprise, it is better to stay away from this tribe.

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