When the baby is not allowed to cut his nails

‘Noooo … the little one nooooo. All except the little finger. ‘ It is the phrase of many children when you prepare to cut their nails. And they express it with real terror. The thing gets worse when it comes to the toenails. But … why do they have so afraid to cut your nails?

Ideas to cut nails to babies

They cut nails to a baby

Evidently, they fear that they will be hurt. All they see are scissors that cut … and very small fingers. It’s not that they do not trust their parents. It is a reflex act of self-protection.

Babies are born with Reflex acts vital for their survival: the suction, to feed themselves; the ‘reflection of the Moor’ (they raise their arms when you let them go in fear of falling); the ‘prehensile’ reflex, by which they grasp with force everything they manage to grasp (like a finger) … and perhaps the fear of cutting their nails is no more than a later reflex of self-defense, in the fear that they hurt

Video of the baby who does not let his father cut his nails

She is called Marcelina , and is the example of what many babies do when their parents try to cut their nails. The truth is that Marcelina, despite her little cry every time she sees the scissors coming and his later laughter , splurges tenderness and wins the hearts of all. Will his father get Marcelina to cut her nails?

Tips for cutting baby’s nails

There are no miraculous remedies. Yes, homemade tricks. Some children get ‘convinced’ and others do not. Anyway, nothing is lost with trying everything in our hands to avoid the fearsome baby tantrums :

1. If you can not cut your nails during the day, try it when he sleeps . But be careful, there are very sensitive babies and you run the risk of waking them up. If this happens, he will get angry for two things: for having awakened him and for trying to cut his nails ‘treacherously’. Perhaps the best moment is the afternoon nap (just in case you wake up).

2. Try cutting your nails while watching your favorite drawings. Sometimes, while you are distracted, you can try to cut her nails in a subtle way. A little practice will lead you to success.

3. Does your child like to eat? He asks for help and while another person gives your favorite puree , cut your nails while you talk to him or sing his favorite song. Maybe it makes you forget the ‘nails’ moment.

4. Cut your nails in front of him so he can see that it does not hurt. Tell him that you do it and it does not hurt. Maybe you can convince him.

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