Autumn knocks on the children’s door. To enjoy!

The weekends are for us to give a brake to the rush, to work, to be more family time , find friends, take walks, share meals, relax and enjoy, even if it’s only two days. Without the need to ask permission, the autumn It invades many places in the world.

From this beautiful station you can get good ideas of fun and activities to do with our children.

Ideas to enjoy with the children of autumn

Children in autumn

Before it gets colder, enjoy the more pleasant temperatures of autumn. And there is no place more propitious than nature itself to play with children to learn, appreciate and experience with them everything that autumn offers us, from its flavors, colors, to its textures and smells.

Depending on where you live, I’m sure that at some point you’ve felt the smell of roasted chestnuts. Humm … it’s the autumn that arrives with your bags!

4 plans with children in autumn

An outing to the field suits us very well for this time of year. You want to follow us on this trip to the treasures of autumn, welcome! Here are some ideas to do with the youngest of the house:

– Collect dry leaves, arrange them according to the design they have, collect them and then, at home, assemble pictures, collages or a

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